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Find Out Which One Is Better- Windows or Linux

A lot of confusion may arise when you step out to buy a new computer system for yourself. You are constantly bombarded with a series of questions concerning the performance, memory, processor, budget, hard-disc space, RAM, graphic card operating system, ease of use and so much more. Some of you might make a list before entering a computer store (which isn’t bad at all). After all, you don’t purchase a new computer every other day.

Doing proper research on what type of system you want is something that cannot be ignored. Interestingly, operating system is the most important thing people commonly underestimate. Since a majority of users are not aware of Linux and its advantages, they prefer windows operating system over it. However, Linux holds an edge over windows. This article highlights the key reasons why you should be choosing Linux operating system and ditch windows for good.

Difference between Windows and Linux

Given below are the differences between two of the most competing operating systems in the world i.e. Windows Vs Linux

Factors Linux Windows
Price and Licensing Free and open-source to use It comes with Microsoft License (users cannot access source code). The license ranges from 30$ and 200$ (prices vary according to the versions)
Ease of Use Linux takes time to get accustomed to, But with regular use, it’s easy to operate. Windows dominates the market which is why users are more comfortable using it.
Speed Linux is more efficient than windows Slow down with time
Support Massive online support available Windows has dedicated websites and forums to access support facilities.
Customization Since Linux is open-source, it’s easy to modify it as per your needs. (Only if you know coding) Difficult to customize with a handful of user customization available.
Privacy Linux guards your privacy through its state-of-art encryption. You get better security and less intrusion. With time, Windows has become advertisement driven. It analyzes the user’s behavior through Cortana (virtual assistant) which is intrusive.
Security Linux is more secure than Windows Windows due to its massive user base is always on the radar of hackers.
Command Line Command line in Linux OS is a handy tool to administer and carry out daily tasks ‘cmd’ command in Windows is restricted to some set of operations.

Why Linux Is Better Than Windows Operating System: The Verdict

There are many more technical differences that make Linux superior to Windows. Unlike annoying updates reminders you get on Windows, Linux free you from that as you can install updates anytime you want. With Linux, you won’t have to deal with constant reminders. While both of the operating systems serve their best to specific user requirements and market needs, Linux offers phenomenal security and speed free of cost, so it is undoubtedly superior to use over Windows operating system any day!

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