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How To Increase Traffic To Your Website? Find Out Here

If building traffic on your website has become a headache, it’s time to look back and analyze what is going wrong. Today, businesses need to have their online presence as customers are more interested in availing different products and services via internet. Moreover, the power of internet cannot be underestimated as billions of people access it to get things done. Now the most important question arises is how to turn such a large audience to your website so that it may drive conversions, leads, ROI and boost your business?

Gaining organic traffic is not an easy pill to swallow. But with proper execution of strategies, this task can be achieved in a fair amount of time. Correctly leveraging the power of digital marketing strategies is the area where most of the marketers fail. Therefore, it’s imperative to understand the fundamentals of how website traffic actually works. Let’s take a peek into digital marketing strategies through which you can increase traffic to your website.

  1. Focus On On-Page SEO

If you think SEO is dead then you couldn’t be more wrong. Optimizing your website for search engine is still considered a healthy practice. While there are numerous off-SEO tactics to draw audience, but the only drawback is these strategies consume more time to drive positive results. On the other hand, optimizing websites using On-Page SEO is not that time taking. You simply need to make sure that these tips are followed if you want to attract audience-

  • Keyword is included in your URL (URL should be short as much as possible)
  • The title tag must always have keyword
  • Use LSI keyword at least once per 150 words
  • Place keywords in heading tags
  • Optimize image
  • Use internal and external links
  • Check if web pages are indexed or crawled by the search engines
  • Check if you have placed primary keyword in the meta description
  1. Write Appealing, Valuable And Shareable Content

It is completely true when they say ‘content is king’ since as long as your content is engaging, interesting and relevant to what people like to read, they will keep visiting your website over and again. User engagement is possible when you content speak volume about things they’d like to know more about. It isn’t necessary to bombard your content with keywords, only a handful of LSI keywords will also work as a miracle in case you want to rank your website. Moreover, you can also use old content and reproduce the same with new insights, get rid of obsolete information and publish it on different social networks to attract more audience. The more relevant and engaging your content is, the more it will be shared by people.

  1. Use Hashtags In Your Post

Hashtags help you organize your content and promote it among a large base of audience. They make it easy for people to find and follow your brand. Using hashtags in your posts helps users reach out to you and avail products or services they seek. The more hashtags (#) you use, the more traffic you are likely to welcome to your website. Always remember that hashtagged words that become popular are often trending topics. You can also use hashtags to know what’s trending and craft a content based on it.

  1. Optimize Your Content With Long-Tail Keywords

Users normally type short keywords to search for content across the web. As enticing short keywords might look, but they are difficult to get ranked as they are more competitive than the long tail ones. Users now a day look specifically for a particular product or service when they search on Google. Having long-tail keywords in your content ranks your website higher in SERP thereby increasing organic traffic to it. Rather than going for a popular keyword, you can instead use keywords with low search volume to gain dedicated traffic.

  1. Shift Your Focus To Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is probably the easiest way to get authentic traffic on your website. Instead of begging people to link back to your website, you can create content that awe others so much so that they would want to link back to. This way, visitors are recommended by others to check out your website thus increasing your website’s traffic. Blog commenting and blog posting are the most effective technique to earn referral traffic.

  1. Ensure Website’s Responsiveness And Mobile-Friendliness

What good is a website if it’s not responsive, flexible and mobile-friendly? To draw attention of people and search engines, you must make sure that your website is mobile optimized. Since mobile has become an important part of people’s life, they aren’t likely to visit your website if it isn’t optimized. You must ensure that your website looks as good on mobile devices as it looks on a computer or a laptop.

  1. Be Active On Social Media

If you think that having a website alone is sufficient enough to gain traffic then you need to come out of that dream. Things don’t happen unless you make them. So if you want to draw traffic to your website, you need to have a presence on social media so that you can share relevant, meaning and interesting content with users. This is where the role of social media marketing begins. Leverage social media marketing to drive prospects to your website and you’ll see the results soon.

  1. Research Keywords

Keywords play a huge role in bringing traffic to your website. Choosing right keyword in your content can unleash a flood of website traffic. Google now understands the relevancy of content through LSI keywords (words or/and phrases linked to your target keyword). Using LSI keywords in your content will not only get the content recognized by Google but will pull visitors to your site as well. Gone are the days when keyword research meant finding a keyword with high volume and seeking ranking for that particular word. Just as the technology around us is evolving, so does keyword research.

  1. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Guest Posting

Guest blogging is an effective tool to boost website traffic as you can get your content published on websites that have already achieved fame and easily pull a large number of audiences. All you have to do is approach different websites and inform them about the intent of your content that you seek to publish on their platform. In exchange for writing for them, websites will usually allow you to link back to it which is a win-win situation for both you and them. Guest blogging enhances referral traffic, increases your brand’s awareness and let you earn more strong backlinks.

  1. Link Your Content Internally

Interlinking content on your website is a great hack to gain visitors from different sources over the internet. Undermining the importance of internal linking can affect your website. Internal links are the links that help users to navigate from one page to others in the same domain. By linking your content, you can not only enhance your audience’s experience but are giving them reasons to get glued to your website. Moreover, internal links minimize the bounce rate (that affects your website’s ranking in search engine result page).

  1. Pay Attention To Online Advertising

With paid methods, you can leverage social networks to advertise your products and services among masses. Paid advertising builds your brand and connects you with the audience more swiftly than the traditional ways. You may use Google search ads, maps ads, YouTube ads, Twitter ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads to reach target audience and drive them to your website. This way, you can enable prospects to buy products or/and services offered by your brand.

  1. Share Content To Quora, Reddit, Linkedin Etc

Platforms such as Quora, LinkedIn and Reddit are used by sophisticated audience who like to keep themselves updated with latest trends, technology and whatnot. Billions of people use these platforms to gain or to provide knowledge on things. Using these mediums to increase your website is a smart thing to do. You can share your content on these website and be sure that they will draw visitors to your website. But make sure that you are not just putting advertisement of your brand’s product or services, try to give valuable information to users that will not only make them read your content but share it to others as well.

  1. Use Email Marketing To Promote Offers

Statistically speaking, more than 90% of people check their emails at least once every day. Which is why, companies are actively investing in email marketing promotions. Contrary to the belief that email marketing is extinct, it’s very much alive and considered the best way to promote your products or services online. Using email marketing to drive website traffic is inexpensive and versatile as you can use different ways to leverage your email subscribers.

Moreover, email marketing software and tools make it easy for you to track and analyze the performance of your email campaigns. Just make sure not to flood your subscribers with emails about every single thing of your brand. Otherwise, you’d end up losing both your subscribers and potential customers.

  1. Hosts Contests And Giveaways

To drive visitors to your website, you may also host contests and giveaways from time to time. FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) is compelling enough to attract audience and make them participate in contests and giveaways organized by you. This way, you also get insights into the type of customers your brand attracts, their behavior and other valuable data.

  1. Collaborate With Influencers To Establish Your Credibility

Using influencer marketing would be the right strategy to boost traffic on your website if you don’t have your own large audience. Influencers can reach out to their followers and persuade them to try your products or avail your services thereby building your creditability among their trusted audience. While reaching out to influencers who have an audience that fall into your niche is not cheap, but it’s worth collaborating as there is a great possibility of positive outcomes in the form of increase in sales, traffic, ROI etc. The endorsements done by influencers will most likely reach the audience you’ve targeted.

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