Health Insurance



Benefits of Health Insurance

1. Avail Tax Benefits & Secure Finances

An extensive health insurance policy with acceptable sum assured which helps in meeting unplanned healthcare expenses. This lets you keep aside you savings and avail pre-defined tax benefits by paying health insurance premiums.

2. Cover for Critical illness

A benefit with a type of medical insurance policies which provides a fixed lump sum payment for diagnosis & approval of specific critical illnesses. The critical illnesses includes Cancer, Stroke, Paralysis, Kidney failure etc. Without looking upon the amount spend by the insured, the policies gives a lump sum amount.

3. Do not Pay for Hospitalization

Networked hospitals avail cashless Health insurance and the insured do not pay at these hospitals. The insurance company directly takes care of the bill and deals with the hospital itself.

4. Get allied benefits

The preventive Health check-ups and improve diagnostics have progressed in India. Heath benefits which generally gives free health check-ups, Tie-ups with health service providers, Discounts coupons on healthcare services & free consultation with doctors.

Health Insurance in India is a growing segment where different policies are available which offers both individual and family cover. The health insurance has grown mainly due to liberalization of economy & general awareness. The pay cost of hospital and medical costs of the insured is subject to the sum insured. The health policies are based on individual health policies.

Health Insurance treats patients by paying for them at hospitals in need of hour. There are certain policies which people go through and choose the best one that suits them the most. When one needs it at the time of illness, the bills are paid by the insurance company. Different policies are presented by the companies like : Family Floater Health Insurance, Pre-Existing Disease Cover plans, Senior Health Insurance, Maternity Health Insurance, Critical illness plans etc.

In these times of people going through stress, work pressure and monotonous strains, people tend to change their lifestyle and eat unhealthy. No one knows when one is diagnosed with any serious diseases that have high treatment bills. The expensive treatments that long more than we expect need to be taken care of. A health insurance is the support of the family and works as a guardian who helps with finances from large medical expenses.

Health Insurance is the most vital need in today’s time. The whole family needs the Health insurance which protects the family’s finances at the need of medical emergency. But the confusion and doubt which policy to take is an important one.

The person must get adequate coverage for what he might need and is able to pay as per income. The persons looking for Health insurance policy must look at adequate coverage, must check company’s presence which must be located near your locality, one must study the policy thoroughly and also check coverage of pre-existing diseases. The most important that one hears is and what needs to be reiterated is ‘Health is Wealth’, so choose the right plan and stay carefree.